Gold Capped Conure

Aratinga auricapilla

by Sally Blanchard

» Also called Golden-capped conure, or Golden-capped parakeet 
» About 12” 
» Two sub-species A.a.auricapilla and A.a.aurifrons which lacks the red color on the rump 
» From Brazil and Paraguay Considered near threatened
» The Aratinga solstitialis complex includes three additional species from Brazil: Jandaya Parakeet, Golden-capped Parakeet, and Sulphur-breasted Parakeet
» Kept as a conure companion but not as well known as the Sun conure

I have worked with a dozen or so of these beautiful conures and for the most part, have found them to be delightful birds. They are closely related to Sun conures, but from my experience, they don't seem as "screechy" as some of Suns I have worked with. The ones that I have met have also seemed to be less aggressive towards strangers in their territory but I think this is probably more of an individual thing rather than species related. The birds that I met have seemed to be pretty independent but like attention from their caregivers. One of the consultations that I did was because the woman wanted the bird to like her husband. However, the man really didn't want to be involved in the bird's life and thought that his wife was a bit nuts because she liked her birds so much. This was one of the few consultations where I knew that I couldn't accomplish what the client wanted. If the man didn't want to develop a relationship with the conure, it wasn't going to happen. 

In issue #61 of the Pet Birds Report, Barbara Bailey wrote about a Gold-capped who came to live with her after losing her home because she bit the owner's husband and he told her to get rid of the bird. When Chiquita came to live with the Baileys, she was aggressive towards Bruce. Eventually that changed and the bird formed a buddy bond with both of them. When the conure arrived, the Bailey's were concerned that the bird would be intimidated by the bigger cockatoo flock. It was a groundless fear as Chicky quickly took over as the top bird. 




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