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The Red Parrot District                                                           
I have been told that according to local folklore, owning a red parrot in India is an indication that you belong to the world’s oldest profession.

Why Polly Wants a Cracker?
An illustration from The Illustrated London News - January 13, 1872, explains how the term Polly became a word to describe members of the parrot family. The first written reference to Polly as a name for a parrot was published in 1616 "Epigrams" by Poet Ben Johnson. Up until that point, the most popular name for a parrot was Mary - nickname Molly - or Moll and this eventually became Polly or Poly Parrot -  perhaps because of the alliteration.

Damsel in Distress?
Police in Tucson, AZ broke down the door of a home after neighbors reported a woman screaming for help. The damsel in distress turned out to be a 2-year old Yellow-naped Amazon named Oscar who was laughing as much as he was screaming.  

Had The Right Priorities!
On an Antiques Road Show, a woman brought in an old quilt to be appraised. She said that during the devastating 1906 San Francisco earthquake, her mother grabbed the quilt and her grandmother took the parrot. Her grandmother certainly had her priorities in order!

Parisian Warning
In World War One (WWI) parrots were kept on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France because of their remarkable sense of hearing. When the Parrots heard the enemy aircraft coming they would warn everyone of the approaching danger long before any human ear could hear the noise.

Parrot Shoes
Back in the 1950s, the Howdy Doody show was often sponsored by Poll Parrot shoes. It had a parrot as a logo but the logo was never standardized.

Who is the Real James Bond?
Is it just a coincidence that the fictional master of the spy game and a famous ornithologist who wrote the book Birds of the West Indies have the same name?  When Ian Fleming, who was in Jamaica at the time, was looking for a name for his character in the spy novel, he happened to notice a name on a bird guide in his library that sounded perfect. It was short, masculine sounded, and easy to remember so Fleming named his super-macho secret agent James Bond after the ornithologist author of the Birds of the West Indies. 




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