Why Our Beloved Dogs, Cats, and Parrots are Dying Before their Time!

- With all of the recalls on pet foods and the chemicals and other crap that's in them, I stop and think about my family's first dog when I was a teenager. He was a fairly large miniature poodle who was bred by the woman across the street. She wasn't a breeder but did a good job with the babies. His name was Tuppence Ha'penny (an English coin) because we had just moved back to the states from living in England for 3 years. We got Tuppy when he was a baby. Once he was with us he ate table scraps all of his life (no really bad stuff) or my mother fixed him his breakfast and dinner which usually had chicken, beef, some times cooked hamburger or maybe pork, turkey, or even fish if we had that. She was a very good cook and she would mix the meat with cooked egg and/or cottage cheese, some veggies and maybe some rice. My mother had no special nutritional knowledge but she knew to give him the foods without any butter or salt and to cut off the fat. We all loved him so much and he got to go for a good walk every day or play in the yard. He loved to retrieve his squeaky balls. He was a very healthy dog and lived to be almost 17. As an interesting experience for me, although I lived 1,500 miles away, I became concerned when I thought I heard my mother crying one night fairly late and I wondered about Tuppy. The next morning she called to tell me he had died and it was the same time I heard her cry.

- I have pretty much fed my dogs the same way over the years also though I do occasionally feed them a dog food I read and research the ingredients carefully. My Silky Terrier, KT, lived to be 21 and all of my dogs (and cats) have lived long healthy lives. None of them have had cancer or any other serious disease. Even rescue cats that I have adopted when they were 8 to 10 lived into their late teens and even early 20s. The few that I lost too young were either rescues or handicapped, but they still lived longer than expected for their conditions. 

- SO my question is - when did the pet industry take over and convince us to feed all of these highly processed chemicals and by-products to the animals we love so much and why were they so easily able to suck us into their marketing and hype. I don't remember hearing so much about pets dying of cancer so much until I was much older - in my 30s or so. I have never had a pet who had cancer and I have had dozens of them in my long life. 

- What did people feed their parrots years ago - those parrots that lived 30, 40, 50, 60 years and up. I have met some of them over the years. Before the seed and then the pellet companies conned us into believing their food was the best thing we could ever feed our birds, what did people feed their parrots. Maybe some seed but when I got into parrots in the 1970s I talked with a lot of people who had older parrots (some of them in their 50s, 60s and even older) and they fed their companion parrots what they ate from the table. Of course, people ate better back then - they ate more fresh foods and they weren't so highly processed like so much of what we eat and our dogs, cats, and parrots eat now.

- I truly believe from my long term experiences with parrots and knowing people who had them long before I did that we are not doing right by them to feed pellets or manufactured diets to any of our pets if we really care about them. I hear about so many parrots that die before their time and it seems to be getting worse. I have been very active for over 40 years talking with veterinarians, nutritionists, and bird caregivers. I never heard about so many parrots dying of cancer than I have in the last 20 years. Is it a coincidence that that's when pellets and the companies who make them started telling us that their highly processed foods with synthetic chemical nutrients and other questionable and even toxic ingredients were the best food for their parrots. THEY ARE NOT! I DON'T TRUST the Pet Industry to feed my beloved animals. Their ingredients are too troublesome. There are so many recipes for bird, cat and dog foods on the Internet - look some of them up. Please, read the other Nutrition information on this website. 




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