Finchs Conure

Was: Aratinga finschi
Now: Psittacara finschi 

» Also called Finsch’s parakeet and Crimson-fronted parakeet
» Endemic to Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and parts of Costa Rica and Panama.
» About 12” in length
» Considered near threatened in parts of its range
» Part of a closely related group of conures that includes the Red-masked (Cherry-head), Cuban, Finsch’s, Green, Hispaniolan, and Wagler’s Conures
» Kept as a conure companion but s often confused with some of the other green conures with red on their heads.

I worked with several of these conures some time ago and found them and the others in the conure group with red on their heads to be delightful companions. Unfortunately years ago they were cheap enough that many people didn't take them seriously and gave up on them. That is probably why so many have become feral. 




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