EVERY DOG NOSE                                                                              

(say it aloud and look at the package - clever!)

Iris McCormick-Clark has been working on a wonderful healthy Freeze dried dog food. There are four quality meat choices with an assortment of veggies. You just cover the food with hot faucet water, wait a little while, stir it a little bit and it is ready to serve. My terrier, Tiwi, gulped them down which is not necessarily a compliment because she will eat almost anything as if she hasn't eaten in days. Chotsky, on the other hand is a delicate eater. So the first day I mixed a little of his current food with the Turkey one. He ate it all and then the next day I gave her the Pork food and he ate it almost as fast as Tiwi. Both of them love the Pork. Read below why Iris made a product with pork. Iris did a lot research to make an excellent healthy product for dogs and it will become a regular part of my dogs' diets.

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