Dusky Lory

Pseudeos fuscata

» Endemic to New Guinea throughout Salawati and Japen Island in Geelvink Bay
» Height about 10" with weight about 155 grams
» One of the most beautiful and popular companion lories.
» The orange color phase is more known in aviculture than the yellow color phase
» Common in aviculture.
» Excellent reputation as an affectionate and playful companion
» Considered 
stable in its range

Diet should be fruits, pollen, nectar, flowers and some seeds, proferably sprouted seed. They will eat dry powder but don't prefer it to fresh foods. 

After I was in California for awhile, I added a Dusky lory to my life. I bought him because he obviously had a yeast infection when I got him and was a fairly “wimpy” bird. The breeder at the bird show denied that he had a problem. Once he was healthy, he was full of energy. He was a gorgeous bird with his rich orange and brown colors and he was a super fun bird. He loved his toys and was super cuddly. Dusky lories have the reputation of being one of the best companion lories and Teddy was no exception. Teddy was a good talker but the trade-off for talking is often that the bird that is a good talker is often loud. One time when I was on a trip, the mother of a friend who was bird sitting fell passionately in love with Teddy. I needed to spend a lot of time in southern California because my father was ill and my mother didn't drive. Since I had started traveling so much and had my hands full with my caique Spike and my other parrots, Teddy went to live with her where we was totally loved and pampered.
 I really missed him. 




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