Crooked Little Grey Parrot

A Crooked Little Grey Parrot
by Sally Blanchard

Back in the early 1990s, I was giving a program in the Philadelphia area. I was staying with a woman named Peggy who had a grey named Gizmo. Evidently, Gizmo had suffered multiple hip and pelvis fractures in the nest box and turned into one crooked little bird. As I remember, the suggestion was that the baby should be euthanized. Luckily this did not happen and the grey went to a home where he received excellent care and was very well-loved.

I had a suitcase full of toys that were to be raffle prizes (this was before they charged so much for an extra suitcase). I was sitting on the living room floor going through the toys. Gizmo was watching intently and suddenly climbed down to the floor and came run-limping over to the suitcase, grabbed a particular toy, and went running back across the room with it. He had stolen a really nice toy from right underneath my nose. Of course, he got to keep it. Gizmo was one delightful little parrot that had no idea he was handicapped!  

Over the years I have found a few things that are almost always true about handicapped parrots. The first is that they accept their handicaps and most of the time they don't even act as if they have anything wrong. On some level, handicapped parrots seem to know that they are dependent on us and, therefore, are often incredibly sweet. 




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