Slender-billed Conure Twiggy

Slender-billed Conure Twiggy
"Are ya Ready?"
by Sally Blanchard

One of my all-time favorite parrot family birds that lived with me was Twiggy, my unique Slender-billed Conure. I bought her because the bird shop decided not to sell her to anyone who didn't understand her long, pointy beak. Truth was, it was too long to bite and do any damage. She was a smart conure, easy to train, very loving and cuddly. She loved to fly and was very fast.

She also loved to play and we had a special game we played frequently. I had a heavy plastic ring that just about fit her. It hung on a rope from the ceiling. I would let her out and she would fly as fast as she could, land on the ring, hang from it in a horizontal position and say, "Are ya Ready???" She was a high energy bird and loved for me to grab the rope and swing her around and around as fast as I could. If it got too much for her she would fly back to the ring and wanted me to swing her again. She loved it and I loved to play the game with her. She wanted me to swing her all day but I had a magazine to put out. I had lots of hanging play gyms and rope perches with toys and my parrots, including Twiggy would hang out on them when I worked. I have lived with quite a few parrots in my life but she was one of 6 that were very special to me.   




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