Companion Parrot Handbook

$26.76 Companion Parrot Handbook

The Best Information to Help You with Your Parrots!




Highly informative Sally Blanchard's Companion Parrot Handbook

Written by Internationally Known Parrot Expert, Sally Blanchard

Illustrated by Sally Blanchard and Jeff Riebe with Many Enjoyable Humorous Illustrations that Make if Fun to Read

Parrot Behavior, Parrot Care, Parrot Nutrition

Will be autographed - Second Edition - This comprehensive book covers just about everything you need to know to have a relationship of mutual trust with your parrot. The Handbook not only contains a vast amount of important information but it is also fun to read. It has in-depth information on parrot behavior, parrot care, parrot nutrition, choosing a parrot, choosing a breeder, basic health information, basic anatomy, quality socialization once your bird comes home, working with re-homed parrots, preventing and working with problem behavior, maintaining the mutual trust needed for a positive relationship, and much, much more. I have received so many positive comments on the Companion Parrot Handbook. Recently a reader called me to tell me that the book had saved her relationship with her companion caique.

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