Cockatiel Rosie

by Sally Blanchard

Many years ago, I lived with a wonderful cockatiel named Rosie. He was definitely a COCKatiel, but there was no stigma for such a macho male to have the name Rosie because at the time one of the bruiser football players had the same first name. I purchased Rosie as a hand-fed baby but it didn't take me long to realize that hand-fed didn't mean hand tame. Even though Rosie was not always easy to handle, he delighted in coming out to sit on my shoulder. As with all my birds, bedtime was always special with lots of attention as I covered the cages. 

When I traveled, Rosie went to stay with a good friend of mine. Her neighbor visited her and was quite taken with my handsome 'tiel. She leaned close to his cage and told him what a handsome bird he was. His reply was, "I love you, you're pretty." Then he quickly added, "Do you want to go to bed?" This little guy was not the least bit bashful and wasted no time with any subtle pickup lines. Of course, this was actually a combination of one of his favorite expressions and what I said when we did our bedtime ritual. Over a decade later, it was still one of the favorite stories of that neighborhood.




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