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Tell them Sally B sent you!

(By the way, I have no financial investment in the company, I just LOVE the products!)

Christine has come up with so many wonderful, healthy, easy-to-fix parrot food products that it would be difficult to choose all of my favorites. I have no tried most of them with the approval of the parrots in my home. Included is an amazing number of healthy freeze-dried, dehydrated incredibly nutritious, chops made with real veggies, fruits, grain food products, treats, birdie bread mixes for our beloved companion parrots.

She also makes some wonderful powdered natural food supplements. I sprinkle the Antioxidant Anti-Inflammatory and the Organic Super Greens"N"Things on my parrot food every day, especially for my older Amazon Paco and a couple of older birds that I bird sit.

Some of the more unique offers are Birdie Brittle, Sprouted blend, Nuts and Spice Birdie Biscuit, Pop'N'Chop, and Mega A Blend. I trust these products enough to recommend them to all of my readers and people who love their parrots.

Christine comes up with new products frequently so check in with Christine's Chop Shop on a regular basis after you have purchased some of these wonderful items for your beloved parrots - after all Variety is the Spice of Life for them! Her Newest Product is a very healthy Sprouted Birdie Blend

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