Cherry Head Conure

Was:  Aratinga erythrogenys
Now:  Psittacara erythrogenys

» Also known as Red-masked Conure
» From Ecuador and Peru
» 13” in length
» Because of capture for the pet trade, these conures are considered near threatened
Part of a closely related group of cryptic conures that includes the Red-masked (Cherry-head), Cuban, Finsch’s, Green, Hispaniolan, and Wagler’s Conures
» A common conure companion

One of the most entertaining and best talking parrots I ever met was a well-loved imported tame Red-masked conure. He had lived with his caregiver for at least ten years and he carried on quite coherent conversations with her. Mostly he loved to dance to Elvis Presley songs. I've met several of these conures. The ones who had caregivers who were dedicated to them were wonderful companions. 

I worked with several of these conures some time ago and found them and the others in the conure group with red on their heads to be delightful companions. Unfortunately years ago they were cheap enough that many people didn't take them seriously and gave up on them. That is probably why so many have become feral. 




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