Caiques in Gulliger's Travels


by Sally Blanchard

Way back in 1993, one of the highlights of my year was a visit to Nancye and Karl Buelow of Twin Beaks Aviary in North Carolina. I had been talking with her for a few years and really enjoyed her sense of humor. I knew that I would really enjoy my visit to their home. She also raised caiques so it would give Spike a chance to make some new friends too. I was pretty tired when I actually got up to their home in the Smokey Mountains so I took a nap on the couch. I thought I was having an incredible dream of being Gulliver in the land of Lilliputians when I woke to tiny bodies crawling all over me from head to foot. As I completely woke up I realized that I was covered with caique youngsters crawling and hopping all over my body — if I remember correctly there were 18 of them. It was dinnertime and Nancye and her daughter could think of no better way to wake me up. I had to agree with that!



I thought Spikey might become just another caique lost in the crowd of them, but he was treated like royalty. Perhaps he was showing off for them all. The Buelow's two daughters both had long luxuriant hair and — just the kind that Spike loved to surf in and rearrange. They were both good sports and appreciated their new “Hairdos by Spikey.”




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