Spikey LeBec Spikey J5r

Choreographed Dancing?

By Sally Blanchard


One of the most entertaining Caique behaviors that I have observed was Spikey LeBec and a younger bird named Spike Junior (guess who he was named after?) meeting each other for the first time. Spike and I had given a seminar at a wonderful bird shop — the owner had Spike Junior for a companion.


After the audience left, we placed both Caiques on the carpeted floor. They seemed to ignore each other as they hopped around like two wind up toys. Gradually, their circles bounced together. Without even seeming to notice each other, Spike suddenly dropped onto his back while Spike Junior continued to hop around him in circles. These behaviors did not seem to have anything to do with aggression or submission — nor did they seem sexual. It just seemed to be another form of play just for the fun of it.




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