Buffons Macaw

Ara ambiguus

by Sally Blanchard

» Called the Great Green Macaw in the Wild
» Occurs in Central and South America: Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador
» 33-36"
» Endangered
» Breeds in captivity but is fairly rare as a companion

I have met several of these birds at breeder aviaries but have never handled a companion Buffons macaw. One bird shop owner kept a pair of these macaws in a small room with imported conures at a time when this was an insane thing to do. I could only pray that they wouldn't get Pachaco's Disease from them.

Caregivers have told me that they are intelligent macaws who can develop a decent vocabulary. Of course, because of their size, it is important to keep them well-socialized. They are active birds that need lots of activity and a large cage where they can move around and comfortably stretch their wings.




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