Budgie Fortune

by Janet Dickerson

Several years ago, I had a tame talkative pet budgie named Billy. At this lime, a few of the women who lived in my apartment building hired a fortune teller and invited me to come to their party. I decided not to pay to have my fortune told but after a couple of readings, the fortune teller suddenly singled me out and told me that she had to speak with me. She went on to tell me that I had suffered through some bad experiences in my childhood and that I had been uncertain in love. At that point, she could have been guessing. The generalizations could have applied to almost anyone. Alter several other revelations, I was quite impressed.

All of the things that she had told me were true but the most startling revelation was when she said “You have a kind and gentle nature and have the gift to communicate with animals. You own a bird and I am instructed to tell you to continue with your special gift.” Wow! After the session, I hurried back to my apartment to tell my roommate, Anne, how AMAZING this fortune teller was. She had even known that I owned a bird! Anne looked closely at me and quickly burst my bubble of awe when she said. “Janet, did you know that you have bird poop all over the back of your shirt!?”




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