Blue and Gold Macaw Play

I Get A Kick Out Of You
by Coleen Cranston 

My Blue and Gold Macaw, Debue, has a special toy (The Perma Play Birdy Man Senior) that he likes to beat up. One day he and Birdy Man were having a go at it. Debue was growling, screaming and carrying on with great gusto. I peeked around the door and saw him hanging upside down banging at the swinging toy with his beak and one foot. It is on a chain and as he swatted at it with his beak, Birdy Man swung away from him and then back and "kicked" him in the face. Debue lifted his head us and quite indignantly and sternly scolded the toy, "Owww!...Stop that!... Baad Bird!" 




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