Blue Crowned Conure


NOW: Thectocercus acuticaudata
WAS: Aratinga acuticuadata.

» Also called Blue-crowned parakeet and Sharp-tailed Conure
» Several populations throughout South America
» Five sub-species
» Populations are considered stable
» About 14” in length
» A common conure companion

Many of the wild-caught Blue-crowned conures that I tamed became wonderful companions for people. I lived with one of these conures for close to a year and he was a sweetheart. I think that well-socialized hand-feds are one of the best kept secrets of the companion parrot world. I am convinced that the Blue-crowned conure is potentially one of the best all-round parrot companions. Their personality has always seemed more like a small macaw than a conure to me. With quality behavioral maintenance, the ones I have known have been very steady and are devoted to their human flock. They often stay tame to several members in the family if everyone gives them attention. They tend not to be as noisy as some other conures and many are good talkers. Acrobatic and playful, these conures are just plain cute! 




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