Bongo Marie Whistler

Wow Could She Whistle

by Sally Blanchard

When it came to singing, Bongo couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. I have always had a decent 
singing voice so she should have been able to copy it but no, when I sang to her, she shook her head as if my singing caused her pain. Perhaps it did?

However, she could whistle as if she was a prime instrument in a symphony. She could use vibrato and could reach high notes and low notes and actually made up many of the tunes she whistled, although I taught her two favorites, St.Louis Blues and Over the Rainbow but she also learned parts of several symphonies. I am a decent whistler and all of my parrots have learned to whistle to some degree but Bongo Marie was spectacular and would easily outshine me when we whistled duets. She did have a funny quirk when it came to people being around when we whistled duets. If it was just the two of us, we could whistle until my mouth went totally dry. But if anyone else was around, I had to go out on the front porch for her to whistle with me. Her cage was just inside the door. It didn't matter if my friend/s were inside the house. I think she wanted people to think that I was just accompanying her??




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