Bongo Marie Where's Your Poodle


by Sally Blanchard

My late great African Grey parrot, Bongo Marie, had a way of coming up with absurd comments. Sometimes I had no idea where they came from but sometimes I could figure it out after awhile. This one I never knew for sure? I had a poodle named Chester when Bongo first came to live with me by that was years before. I loved the way she said Chester's name - Sort of sweet like Sschetter when she called him to share some of her food with him. 

- Bongo usually greeted me and various visitors with an enthusiastic “Good to see ya!” but often she would get fixated on saying something else for a while. One day, for no reason that I could figure out, she started enthusiastically asking people, “Where’s your poodle!?! when they came into the house.

It became Bongo’s favorite thing to say and I have no idea how she learned it. Everyone who came into the house was asked, “Where’s your poodle?!” Statistically, I knew that someday someone would eventually visit my home who actually had a poodle. Sure enough, a new friend walked in the front door and Bongo immediately asked her, “Where’s your Poodle?!” My friend, a non-parrot person was flabbergasted, “How did she know I had a poodle?” It was too much fun to explain immediately that Bongo Marie was in the habit of saying that to everyone!




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