Bongo What a Bleep bleep


by Sally Blanchard

Some of you may have heard one of my favorite Bongo Marie stories but it is probably worth repeating even if you know it by heart. First of all, when I lived in the SF Bay Area I was definitely a type A driver and Bongo Marie often went riding in the car with me and certainly learned some of my driving language.

A reporter and cameraman came from the local newspaper to interview me about my work with parrots. The reporter was a delightful woman who was very happy to meet my parrots. The cameraman, not so much, it was as if he was being imposed on to take photos of parrots. At one point he smashed his tripod into Bongo's cage startling her. He was sort of a bull in the china shop. So he was packing his equipment and the reporter and I were standing at Bongo's cage as she was having conversations with us. She was not shy about talking around people. The cameraman came over and in that "sorry about that" patronizing voice said, "Hope I didn't disturb that bird too much". Bongo Marie immediately leaned over to get closer to the reporter and me and in a relatively confidential voice said, "what an ass-ole." No truer words were ever spoken. We both broke out laughing and the cameraman exclaimed, "that bird isn't talking about me!" I knew she was!




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