Bongo Marie On the Way Home from the Veterinarian

by Sally Blanchard

I loved my veterinarian, Dr. James Harris, when I lived in the SF Bay Area. He respected my knowledge about parrots and taught me a lot by always explaining everything he did when he worked with one of my parrots. He could, however, be a little impatient with his staff. One time he took Bongo Marie into the back for a blood draw. Although I am not that queasy about blood, I didn't want her to see my energy about it happening to her. I heard my vet yell at a vet tech for not doing something but didn't hear exactly what he said.

But I learned exactly what he had said when I was driving home. Bongo Marie loved to talk like crazy in the car and rarely stopped. She was in her carrier and she got quiet for a few seconds as if she was thinking. Then out of nowhere in my veterinarian's voice, she yelled, "If you're going to DO it, DO IT NOW, or it won't get DONE!!" I was laughing so hard, I had to pull over! Clearly, he had said it with such conviction that she learned it after hearing this one time and said the whole thing!




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