Olympic Champion Food Thrower

by Sally Blanchard


Several parrots play this game, but African Greys seem to be the champions and I always thought that if it was an Olympic Event, Bongo Marie would get the Gold Medal She can fling soft foods to the other side of the room. Non-bird people who visited me probably noticed, but, to be polite, didn't mention the glop blotches on the TV screen, where the tofu slid down the painting next to her cage, the papaya dripping from the ceiling fan, or the desiccated carrot strips limply hanging over the lampshade – thanks to my little champion. The more you complain about food flinging to your parrot as you scrape the residue off your forehead or glasses, the more fun the parrot seems to have doing it. Someday, if parrots get more power, Food Flinging may become an Olympic sport.

An additional note: We now have conclusive evidence that it is, indeed, the greys who are responsible for the UFFO phenomena we hear so much about (Unidentified Flying Food Objects).




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