Bongo Marie Tofu


by Sally Blanchard

My grey, Bongo Marie loved cheese but that was before I could find low salt, low-fat cheese or even almond cheese. It was the beginning of the tofu period of food when everyone started to believe that soy was the best food ever. So I was convinced by a friend that I should get some really thick yellow tofu so Bongo would think it was cheese. She asked for cheese and loved it! She was sitting on the top of her cage and I walked up with a cheese looking sized piece of tofu and said, "want some cheese?" She was all excited and said, "cheese" several times, so I gave it to her. She often took food from me with her foot and then put it in her beak. Once she put it in her beak and touched it with her tongue she went totally still and got this horrified look on her very expressive face. She knew right away that I had betrayed her and her cheese addiction. She stood there for a half a minute then walked to the side edge of her cage, took the tofu out of her beak with her foot and threw it against the wall. There was a glass-protected painting there and as the tofu slid down the glass, she enthusiastically repeated the word, "NO!!, NO!!, NO!!, NO!!" several times and then stalked to the front of her cage and said, "CHEEEEEZE!!!





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