Bongo Marie Giving the Vet Trouble


by Sally Blanchard

During Bongo Marie's first visit to a real bird veterinarian, she had a lot to say. We lived in Wichita, KS and the only vet there who said he treated birds gave everyone a bottle of pink stuff to treat whatever. I loved my dog vet and I was lucky that he would call all over the country for bird advice, I decided she needed to see a vet who really knew birds. My choice was the Kansas Veterinary school in Manhattan, KS or the Oklahoma Veterinary school which was not far from OK City. I tossed a coin and went north.

So Bongo Marie was sitting on the top of her wood and wire carrier (that's all I could find then) and the veterinarian walked in. As I recall he was a very young Dr. Terry Campbell who I believe is now at the U of Colorado Vet School. Bongo immediately exclaimed, "Hey, what's going on?" The vet laughed and Bongo said, "Who do you think you are!?" As he approached her to look at her more closely, she exclaimed, "You're in a lot of trouble!" He did finally get to give her an exam but she wasn't an easy patient.

At least one of those expressions became her favorite things to say to just about every veterinarian she visited in the next 25 years. Of course, she used them in other humorous situations also.





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