Bongo Marie Calling me a Creep

Calling Me a Creep Far Too Often

by Sally Blanchard

Bongo became quite the glutton once she was converted from nothing but seed to a proper diet. She ate almost anything gusto especially when I ate a bite first. I guess I was the poison tester for her highness. However, it seemed very important for her to fling at least a few bites across the living room, She was quite an accomplished food flinger throwing food at least 10 or more feet. No worry, the dogs got most of it and sometimes she even called them over and dropped food right in their open mouths. 

She seemed to have great aim and at least some amount of food ended up in my shoes, which I took off at the front door. The first time I realized this, I slipped my foot into a shoe and my toes were immeshed in something that my brain interpreted immediately as a dead mouse. It took me a while to realize it was the remainder of my parrot glop recipe that she had for dinner the night before. This went on for some time because I didn't want to move where I kept my shoes. Without realizing it I would call her a "creep" whenever she flung her food, particularly if it went in my shoes. It often did and I knew it was a game for her. 

Of course, turn about is fair play and Bongo Marie wasn't going to let that go. It got so that when I placed her food bowl in her cage, she would call me a "creep" especially if it wasn't one of her favorite foods.  But when someone else fed her, she was much more polite as I had taught her. She would usually ask, "Is it Good? Thank you!"




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