Bongo Marie Bad Cat

BONGO MARIE: The Cat's Bad!

by Sally Blanchard

Bongo varied in the ways that she greeted me when I came home from being gone. Usually, she exclaimed, “Good to see you!” and that was a wonderful greeting, even more enthusiastic than a good tail wagging from one of my dogs. My first house in Alameda was small but I could divide it into two sections. When I left the house, I always put the dogs and cats in the back part of the house.

One day I came home from being gone for a few hours and Bongo Marie didn’t greet me. She only exclaimed,
“The cat’s BAD!” It took me a while to realize that Nimbus, my cat was sleeping on the living room couch. Bongo knew that he was supposed to be in the back of the house if I was gone.

When I first got 
Bongo, I had a beautiful white cat named KC and one of Bongo’s favorite games was to try to grab her tail if the cat got too close to her cage. She would stretch out to grab at KC and if she missed, Bongo Marie would exclaim, “KC you damn cat.” If she got KC’s tail, the cat would yowl. Bongo Marie mimicked the
yowl perfectly whenever KC walked by her cage so from the other room, I never really knew if she got
the poor cat or not. I presume that I must have referred to KC as a damn cat for Bongo to learn it but
she was a great cat and I can’t remember ever saying that to her?




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