Annas Humminbird

by Sally Blanchard

When I was in college, I lived close enough to come home on the weekends. My parents lived in Redlands, California next to what was then a bird-filled wild area. I have two other stories from this time in my life in this section of my website. These are about the Owl that flew down and sat on my lap and the other is about my mother being a bird "witcher."

When I was home, I would occasionally sunbathe on the back patio and I usually fell asleep. The chaise lounge was near one of many hummingbird feeders. I turned on the nearby sprinkle to help keep cool in the sun and the hummers liked to fly in and out of it. Even back then we knew just to use water with sugar in it and not the red food coloring that actually kills hummingbirds. One afternoon as I was napping, an incredible urge to sneeze suddenly woke me up. I immediately went cross-eyed to discover an Anna's hummingbird exploring one of my nostrils with his tongue and beak. When I moved, he immediately flew away. I have never experienced a sensation like that again nor would I probably want to but it was definitely a weird sensation. 




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