Nanday Conure Profile

Nandayus Nenday

» Also known as the Nanday parakeet and the Black-hooded parakeet
» From southeast Bolivia, southwest Brazil, central Paraguay, and northern Argentina.
» 11 to 12” in length
» Feral self-sustaining populations occur in some areas of southern California and Florida.
» Wild populations are considered to be stable
» A fairly common conure companion

Whenever a bird is inexpensive, many people buy them for the novelty (yes, some people buy expensive parrots for the wrong reasons too). They don’t take the time, energy, and/or money that it may take to turn the parrot into a quality companion. Unfortunately, the Nanday has been cursed by this bad owner syndrome, which in turn, gives the parrot a bad reputation.

The Nanday is an underrated bird, sadly almost synonymous with throwaway bird. I have met at least a dozen wonderful companion Nandays. Properly raised hand-feds are delightful, snugly, clever companions whose sometimes excessive noise can definitely be controlled by a knowledgeable caregiver. Some are good talkers and, with the proper input, many love to do tricks including somersaults. I have the tendency to teach just about every conure I have worked with to do a somersault in my hand and Nandays were one of the best learners. I personally have always loved their little red ankle socks. I think Nandays are one great companion conure!




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