Black Lory

Chalcopsitta atra atra

» Also known as the Raja or Red-quilled lory
» Length about 12" weight about 220 grams
» Range is extreme western New Guinea and the islands of Batanta and Salawati
» Three sub-species C.a.atra, C.a.bernsteini, C.a.insignis that are distinguished by the variation of red color on their face, thighs and tail.
» Available in aviculture
» Despite habitat destruction in some of its range, this lory is considered to be stable in its range

I have seen several of these stunning and unique looking lories. I got a chance to closely observe and personally handle a couple of these birds at the (sadly) now defunct A Bird in the Hand bird shop in Georgia and in the Lory enclosure a the Oasis Sanctuary. For the most part, some of these birds can be quite aggressive to other parrots but could be delightful if they are the only avian companion in the home.

These birds will eat a dry powder but require nectar as a major portion of their diet. The can also be fed berries, vegetable matter, and fruits.




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