by Sally Blanchard                                                                                          

I was called to do a consultation with a woman who had decided to "double her pleasure, double her fun" with two cockatoo babies,  a Moluccan and an Umbrella who were about the same age. She had called to get the best information about raising her birds properly so she wouldn't have "double trouble" too. Both bappies were full of energy and had already started to take over the household. During the consultation, the interaction between the two 'toos was the most fun to watch.

At one point, the Moluccan was stubbornly hogging the food dish on their playgym. The Umbrella wanted something to eat too but despite all of his efforts, the bigger bird would not budge. Finally, the clever Umbrella solved the problem by simply climbing on the Moluccan's back who just let the Umbrella hang off of his shoulder to get a snack. For a moment the combination looked like a rare hybrid mutation: a two-headed hybrid cockatoo. 




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