Umbrella Game

COCKATOO GAME                                                        

By Sally Blanchard

Most cockatoos don't like to be left and it is not uncommon for them to balk at going back into their cages when their caregivers are leaving for work. Some carry the game to extremes by hanging off of the back of their cages against the wall. Of course, the more frustrated the person becomes the more intensely the cockatoo plays the game. One woman reported to me that the moment she was ready to leave for work and her 'too knew he had to go back into his cage, he jumped off of his stand and ran into the bedroom to hide under the bed. She had to get down on her hands and knees and reach under the bed to retrieve him and of course he was difficult to catch. The more upset she became, the more fun he had. Finally she would drag him out from under the bed and he would laugh hysterically. Of course, the best way for her to stop the game was to put him back in his cage while she was getting ready ... perhaps at a different stage of readiness each morning.