Paco Double-yellow head Linguine

By Sally Blanchard

When Paco, my double-yellow head Amazon, was a “bappy”, I had a good friend who was terrified of birds. My guess is that Sara had seen Hitchcock’s The Birds one too many times. She wouldn’t even come into my house because of her phobia. One day she told me that she felt her fear was ridiculous and she wanted to get to know Paco because everyone else was in love with her. The first time she came into the house, Paco’s cage was covered. The next time I uncovered the cage but the door was shut. Gradually, I brought Paco closer and closer to her until Sara was actually allowing the friendly little Amazon to sit on her knee.

Alter a few weeks of her getting used to Paco, they became very good friends. In fact, Sara often called and invited Paco for dinner. Of course, she would add that I could also come since I would have to bring the gregarious parrot. When we arrived, there was a special place setting for Paco. She developed quite acceptable table manners and would stay on her own plate as long as there was something yummy on it. She particularly loved Sara’s recipe for Linguine with Clam Sauce. All of the dinner guests loved to watch Paco eat as she held each strand delicately in her foot and licked the sauce off. 




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