African Grey Teasing Poodle

I'm Gonna Touch Your Tail
by Mary Jo Sabaitis

It was a sunny day in February. My aunt had the back door open to allow the full impact of the sun to enter through the large glass door. Bud, her toy poodle, was lounging on the top step soaking in the rays. Spike, my aunt's African grey, lazily preened on the top of his cage as she scrubbed the kitchen floor. As time elapsed, Spike climbed down his cage and made his way towards the sunny steps. As he passed her, she said, "Spikey, no touch Buddy." All seemed peaceful until she heard Spike teasingly announce to Bud, "I'm gonna touch your tail!" My aunt sprang into action, but ... too late. Buddy let out a pained yelp. As she approached, Spike repeated serveral times. "Oh, oh! Shhhh, Bud, Bud, It's OK, It's   OK!" 




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