Bongo Marie Therapist

BONGO MARIE: Your 60 Minutes are UP!

by Sally Blanchard

Bongo Marie needed to keep her day job as my court Jester. Bongo Marie was NOT a very patient therapist.

Many talking greys don’t have much to say when people visit their caregivers. Bongo Marie was a definite exception and not only talked when other people were around, but she also insisted on commenting on all of the discussions. Sometimes her comments were relative simple like when she would say, “Uh huh” or “Oh No!” but in other situations, she would provide full sentences and sometimes her comments were very appropriate. A friend of mine was over one evening because of some serious problems in her relationship. Bongo Marie was the perfect therapist for a while. As my friend poured her heart out, Bongo would say ‘Oh, no” at appropriate times in the conversation.

My friend asked me if I thought that her relationship was over and before I could say anything, Bongo exclaimed, “You’re in a lot of trouble!” This was one of her favorite expressions when it appeared that anyone was upset or if she was. During the conversation, my friend got up and said she was leaving several times and then sat back down. Each time she got up, Bongo would say “good-bye” in a pleasant voice. When my friend got up and exclaimed that she was really leaving, Bongo Marie totally changed her tone of voice and in what sounded like total sarcasm said, “Well, GOOD-BYE!”.




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