By Sally Blanchard

It was Thanksgiving morning in the mid-1990s and I was making a casserole to take for dinner at my aunt and uncle's house. Some of my relatives could be "food critics" so I was a bit uptight about what I was fixing.

I had made the mistake of uncovering Bongo's cage and she was not happy that I didn't have her breakfast ready. The noise she was making about it was fine until she started making her high pitched beep - the kind of noise that went in one ear, shattered brain cells and came out the other ear. She didn't often make it because she used words to tell me what she wanted but she was picking up my energy.

Finally, after one brain-shattering beep, I had had it and did what I have always told people not to do because it is a drama reward that actually encourages what the bird is doing. I went running across the living room verbally threatening every bone in her body and threw the cover over her cage grumbling at her. As I turned to walk away, I heard her quiet but somewhat angry little voice say, "Aw shit". Talk about knowing the right word for the situation! Of course, this cracked me up and we both started laughing. Of course, then I realized I'd better feed her before she got started again!




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