A Barometer of My Mood Especially in the Morning

by Sally Blanchard


Being a night person, I suffer from the early morning malady of taking forever to wake up. Bongo Marie mirrored this affliction with her shuffling and mumbling as I uncovered her cage and she started the day. It was critical for me to have her breakfast ready before I got her up or she would really complain about having to be disturbed.

Was this yet another definition of PMS - parrot morning syndrome? It was so much a part of her morning pattern that I thought for a long time that she was making me grumpy in the morning but eventually came to the realization that I most likely had a lot to do with her mood. I was never completely sure whether it was all a reflection of me or really the way she was when she got up in the morning. I eventually realized that I could tell what kind of mood I was in from Bongo’s response. Sometimes she would say, “Good morning, good to see ya.” and some mornings, she would say, “You’re in a LOT of trouble.” when she greeted me in the morning.




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