Double yellow Amazons Paco Rascal

by Sally Blanchard

Early one summer morning, I woke up from what I thought was a dream. But the loud talking and laughing continued after I woke up. As I ‘focused” my ears, I realized it was coming from the porch where Paco and Rascal, my double yellow head Amazons live. This was not the first morning they had awakened me at 5 am. Both are domestically-raised parrots who learned to speak human before they learned parrot. “HA HA HA! OH, you’re so pretty, oh Rackle-burger, I love you. What are ya doin? Ha Ha Ha”, Paco was chattering over and over but not necessarily in the sweet voice that one might imagine.

It worried me that Rascal wasn’t responding so I jumped up to check on them. His eyes were still half shut but Rascal only really woke up when he heard me call his name despite Paco’s boisterous attempt to wake him with her “sweet nothings”.




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