Green-cheek Amazon Hummingbird

When is a Parrot a Flower?

By Donna

Has anyone else noticed how fascinated hummingbirds are by their parrots? The hummingbirds “love” my bird’s red head. I do provide feeders for the hummers, so they are not starving. Last week when Goober, my Green-cheeked Amazon, and I were outside, I was reading the newspaper while Goober sat next to me. I was reading a story in the paper and I heard a hummer but didn’t pay attention to it, ‘cause as I said, I have feeders out there and know that there are hummers out there. I heard this hummer for quite some time and finally, I looked up at Goober because he was making a tiny little clicking type noise. (sort of like look, look, look, look) The look on Goober’s face was hilarious. Picture a cross-eyed parrot. The hummer was so close to me I saw his tongue going in and out and in and out, running through Goober’s head feathers. Goober sat there very still. I couldn’t believe what I had seen.

After the hummer left, Goober fanned his tail, pinned his eyes, and half spread his wings. I don’t know if he was laughing or telling the hummer to never come back. Early this evening, Goober was sitting in his little tree outside and I was a few feet away from him watering the grass. I looked up at Goober (I’m always watching him outside) and there was the hummer doing the same thing. Only Goober was making no noise whatsoever! He was just letting the hummingbird do what he wanted. I wonder how long this has been going on?




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