Yellow-nape Amazon Opera

by Sally Blanchard

Juliana Strange is an opera lover. One of her favorite ways to relax is listening to the New York City Metropolitan Opera on the radio. Would it surprise anyone that her six-year-old Yellow-nape Amazon also enjoys opera? He particularly loves to sing with the sopranos. One day, Juliana received a phone call from the Met for a contribution to help continue the radio broadcast. Juliana told the caller that she would be happy to contribute because she loved opera and so did her parrot. The man calling misunderstood her to say ‘parents” and asked her if they had taught her to love opera. Juliana said, “No, I didn’t say, my parents - I said my parrot”. The caller did not seem to understand, so she said, ‘this opera lover is green, has wings and loves to sing opera!”. After the man still did not respond appropriately, Juliana instructed her Amazon, “Huey, Sing Opera!” and started him off with a robust “LA!”. Huey burst into a long involved aria! Finally, the caller finally caught on and started laughing. 

The next day, a woman from the Met called Juliana and told her that Huey was the talk of the backstage at the Met. She asked Juliana to send her a photograph of Huey for the performer’s bulletin board and then extended an open invitation for Huey. She said that he could make a ‘Walk on guest appearance” at his convenience! Perhaps he could play a role in “Aida” - they could rename the opera “Huey-da” in the talented Amazon’s honor! So far Juliana has not accepted. Being a true opera aficionado, she is afraid that Huey would burst into an aria in the middle of the overture!




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