blue-front Amazon In-laws

C'mon Out
By Terry Hoffer 

Rico, our blue-fronted Amazon has given us lots of laughs. Recently he has caused us some embarrassment. He is our most social bird and just loves when we have new visitors. His vocabulary is limited but the things that he says are clear and are said in a childlike voice, similar to my wife’s. I’ve gotten in the habit of saying ‘Come on out” every time I let him out of his cage and now this seems to be one of his favorite phrases. In the last year or so, he has begun to associate “Come on out’ with any sort of knocking sound, especially someone at the door. He has obviously heard us yell, “Come on in” to visitors and seems to confuse the two. Rico knows exactly what to say when someone comes to visit. His high decibel “Come on out’s” begin before people can even get out of their car. Most visitors don’t seem to notice that he’s not saying “Come on in.” Because Rico’s greeting is so loud and clear, some people open the door and come in the house before they realize that it is a bird talking to them. When the UPS man comes, he just stands outside and laughs until I come and Open the door. The last time he delivered a package, he said, “Boy, he sure would be hard to sneak up on!’

Another good laugh came when my older brother, Steve, told us about his experience with Rico. Evidently, we were not home one day when Steve stopped by. Seeing one of our cars in the driveway, he knocked on the door. Of course, Rico gave him permission to enter in his usual manner. Steve tried to turn the knob and found the door locked. Knocking again and again only produced another volley of “Come on outs”. It was only after Steve lost his patience and yelled, “I can’t, the door is locked!” that he realized he had been duped by a bird! 

The most embarrassing incident occurred one day when I was alone in the house. I had just stepped out of the shower and clad only in a towel, I walked into the living room. There sitting on the couch were my in-laws! I don’t know who was more shocked! They said that they had heard my wife yell. “Come on in!” They just came in and sat down figuring that she must be in the kitchen and would come in momentarily. It was only when they saw me that they realized that she wasn’t even home and it must have been the bird! I don’t know how long they had been sitting there … I’m just glad that I grabbed that towel!




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