Most of us know our parrots by common names established for them over the years. Some of us even know the scientific names — but in their countries of origin they may have (or have had) other names and nicknames that are not so familiar.. Some of the names below are from other languages and others are historic names before we knew as much as we do about taxonomy. Can you guess the names we know for the following parrot-family birds? (This is NOT an easy quiz - the very interesting answers are on the answer page in this section.                                                                           

1. Sacred Temple Parrot

a. Mealy Amazon  b. Eclectus c. Buffon’s Macaw  d. Ring-neck Parakeet

2. Willie-willock

a. Rose-breasted Cockatoo b. Timneh Grey  c. Slender-billed Conure d. Goffin’s Cockatoo

3. Chiwangwa

a. Lilac-crowned Amazon  b. Caique  c. Cape Parrot  d. Great-billed Parrot

4. Black-hooded Parakeet

a. Caique  b. Mustache Parakeet c. Black-capped Conure  d. Nanday Conure

5. Ash-coloured Parrot

a. Monk parakeet  b. African Grey  c. Grey-cheek parakeet  d. Dusky Pionus

6. Quarrion

a. Cape Parrot  b. Moluccan Cockatoo c. Cockatiel  d. Quaker Parakeet 

7. Loro Real

a. Black lory  b. Double yellow head Amazon c. Green-cheeked Conure d. Scarlet Macaw

8. Zebra Parrot

a. Goldie’s Lorikeet  b. African Grey c. Budgie d. Jardine’s Parrot

9. Cliff Parakeet

a. Monk Parakeet  b. Budgerigar  c. Alexandrine  d. Quaker Parakeet 

10. Wee-juggler

a. Peach-faced Lovebird  b. Noble macaw  c. White-fronted Amazon d. Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo

11. Perico Calzoncito

a. Black-headed caique b. Blue-headed Conure  c. Pacific Parrotlet  d. Grey-cheek parakeet

12. Sundown Parrot

a. Sulphur-crested Cockatoo b. Nanday Conure  c. Bourke’s Parakeet d. Yellow-naped Amazon 

13. Rotbugara (German)

a. Caique  b. Severe macaw c. African Grey  d. Orange-wing Amazon

 14. Weero

a. Cockatiel  b. Palm Cockatoo  c. Meyer’s Parrot  d. Maximilian Pionus

15. Red-fan Parrot

a. African Grey  b. Hawk-headed Parrot  c. Eclectus  d. Green-wing Macaw

16. Jocko

a. Jenday Conure  b. Red-fronted Macaw  c. Blue-front Amazon  d. African Grey

17. Chockalott

a. Major Mitchells  b. Brown-headed Parrot c. Dusky Conure  d. Bronze-wing Pionus

18. Primrose-cheeked Parrot

a. Red-masked Conure  b.Red-lored Amazon  c. Galah  d. Peach-face Lovebird

19. Red-vented Parrot

a. Illiger’s Macaw  b. Red-bellied Parrot  c. Blue-headed Pionus  d. African grey

20. Chinese Parakeet

a. Ring-neck Parakeet  b. Derbyan Parakeet  c. Eclectus  d.  Austral Conure

21. Blood-stained Cockatoo

a. Rose-breasted Cockatoo  b. Moluccan c. Slender-billed Cockatoo  d. Bare-eyed Cockatoo

22. Guacamayo Bandero

a. Scarlet macaw  b. Caique  c. Red-masked Conure  d. Hawkhead

23. Burrowing Parrot

a. Red-fronted Macaw  b. Severe Macaw  c. Patagonian Conure  d. Sun Conure

24. Betcherrygah

a. Cherry headed Conure  b. Budgie  c. Galah  d. Bare-eyed Cockatoo

25.  Gray-headed Parrot

a. Quaker  b. Senegal Parrot  c. Grey-cheek Parakeet  d. African Grey

26. Grey Trunked Ara

a. Hyacinth Macaw  b. Quaker Parakeet  c. Palm Cockatoo  d. Ghana African Grey 

27Great-collared Parrot

a. Yellow-Collared Macaw  b. Alexandrine  c. Yellow-naped Amazon  d. Patagonian Conure

28La Petite Peruche Maypouri.

a. White-fronted Amazon  b. Lineolated Parrot  c. Caique  d. Celestial Parrotlet

29Moluccan Parrot

a. Eclectus  b. Goldie's Lorikeet  c. Moluccan Cockatoo  d. Great-billed Parrot

30Golden Parakeet

a. Queen of Bavaria Conure  b.Yellow-eared Conure  c. Pale-headed Rosella  d. Budgerigar




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