Answers for Quiz #1: Alternate Parrot Names

1. Sacred Temple Parrot
b. Eclectus

2. Willie-willock (Australian Nickname)
a. Rose-breasted Cockatoo

3. Chiwangwa (Southern African Nickname)
c. Cape Parrot

4. Black-hooded Parakeet (has a black head)
d. Nanday Conure

5. Ash-coloured Parrot (A Historic Name for African Grey)
b. African Grey

6. Quarrion (A Australian native Wiradhuri name for cockatiel) 
c.. Cockatiel

7. Loro Real (Spanish name for Yellow-head Parrots)
b. Double yellow head Amazon

8. Zebra Parrot (Called this because of the stripes in their plumage)
c. Budgie

9. Cliff Parakeet (A subspecies of quaker parrots builds stick nests in cliffs instead of trees.)
a. Monk Parakeet d. Quaker Parakeet

10. Wee-juggler  (a nickname bushmen might have corrupted from an Aboriginal name for the bird, "weejee galah")
d. Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo

11. Perico Calzoncito (translates as parrot with little shorts)
a. Black-headed caique

12. Sundown Parrot
c. Bourke’s Parakeet

13. Rotbugara (German name for Severe Macaw)
b. Severe macaw

 14. Weero (Another nickname for cockatiel)
a. Cockatiel

15. Red-fan Parrot
b. Hawk-headed Parrot

16. Jocko (Historic nickname for African grey)
d. African Grey

17. Chockalott
a. Major Mitchells

18. Primrose-cheeked Parrot
b. Red-lored Amazon

19. Red-vented Parrot (Pionus menstruus - you figure it out)
c. Blue-headed Pionus

20. Chinese Parakeet
b. Derbyan Parakeet

21. Blood-stained Cockatoo (so named because of the red feathers on face) 
d. Bare-eyed Cockatoo

22. Guacamayo Bandero
a. Scarlet macaw

23. Burrowing Parrot (so named because they burrow and nest in the banks along rivers)
c. Patagonian Conure

24Betcherrygah (the Aboriginal word that was turned into Budgerigar)
b. Budgie

25.  Gray headed Parrot (has a dark grey head)
b. Senegal Parrot

26. Grey Trunked Ara (early ornithologists erroneously labled this cockatoo as a macaw because it had a bare face)
c. Palm Cockatoo

27Great-collared Parrot  (Has a bright collar and is the largest Psittacula 
b. Alexandrine  Parrakeet

28La Petite Peruche Maypouri (Because they make a sound like a Tapir).
c. Caique

29Moluccan Parrot (Range includes the Maluka Islands)
d. Great-billed Parrot

30Golden Parakeet (also commonly called Golden Conure)
a. Queen of Bavaria Conure




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