African Grey Topper

A Compassionate & Loquacious Grey

by Sally Blanchard

I occasionally bird sit and one of my frequent visitors is a very talkative African grey named Topper. He has an excellent vocabulary and is the companion of a friend who telecommutes. Evidently, Topper always participates in her conference calls. I would imagine that could have been confusing to her fellow workers until they got used to Topper’s continual and possibly appropriate comments.  

Topper was staying with me several years ago and his cage at the bottom of some stairs. I slipped and fell down the stairs landing right in front of his cage. I moaned as I was trying to figure out if I broke anything. Topper looked at me and said, “Are you OK?’ As I started to get up, I sort of laughed at his question, moaned and groaned a bit and replied, "I don't think anything is broken?" and he commented, “Scary stuff!”  I was really hurting but I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that Topper was so concerned about my fall.




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