Jimbo African Grey Kiss

African Grey Jimbo
Do You Want A Kiss?

By Bev Llewellyn


Although my husband Bill and Jimbo are now good friends, he thought I was crazy when I told him I wanted to buy an African grey parrot. Finally, he gave in. Even to this day, he doesn’t want people to know that he really likes the little grey “monster.” But when he thinks no one is paying attention, I hear him talking quietly to “my” parrot. Jimbo has a special whistle to let me know Bill has come home from work and even says “Gimme a kiss” in Bill’s deep voice.


One night when Bill came home, he brought a friend from work with him to meet Jimbo. We heard the funniest verbal exchange yet. Bill came in the door and Jimbo called to him, “Do you want a kiss?” Bill replied, “Sure Jimbo, give me a kiss.” Jimbo’s response cracked us all up. He said, “Well, bend over!” (This, of course, is what we say to Jimbo when we ask him if he wants his head scratched.) It took a while for him to get past this story at work.




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