Carolina Parakeet in a Bell Jar

by Sally Blanchard

My grandparents had a very classy antique shop in Santa Ana, California for many years. Since my father was in the Air Force, we lived all over the country but visited them about every 3 years. I loved birds from the time I was very young and when I was about 8, I fell in love with a stuffed parrot in a bell jar in the antique shop. I think this was because I loved my childhood budgie so much. I clearly remember that the bird was green with a yellow and orange head and was on some branches with leaves. My grandfather said that they had it for a long time. He loved birds but never tried to look up what what kind of parrot it was. I had no idea either but I loved it and tried to talk my grandmother into giving to me. I probably offered her my allowance for it. My grandmother was too good a business woman for that and obviously I wasn't very persuasive. I have always remembered this bird and it was gone by the time we returned 3 years later for our next visit. As I learned more about birds, there was little doubt in my mind that it was a Carolina parakeet. I often wonder where this parrot in the bell jar ended up?




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