Bleached Parrots

Carolina Parakeets in a Box? No Way!

I actually can't remember the origin of this photo but I have had it in my files for a long time but I don't remember taking it.  

On a few occasions in my travels throughout the country, I saw smuggled conures that had their heads bleached so that they would look like more expensive parrots ... only if you didn't know anything about parrots.  They usually started out as cherry-head conures or another conure with or green head. Sometimes the red was totally bleached and the tails were cut short so that they could be sold as baby double yellow-head Amazons. I say this in a horrible pet shop in south Texas back in the late 70s. The pet shop woman was pretty ignorant so maybe even she had no idea. Some people will do anything for money without any concern for the animal. 




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