Carolina Parakeets in Honduras?

On April 1, 2009, the highly respected Cornell University Laboratory of Ornithology issued a report on the discovery of a nonmigratory population of Carolina Parakeets in Honduras. The report was accompanied by a photograph with the caption "A photograph of a Carolina Parakeet that researchers named 'Coqueto' now living in Honduras." Companion conure lovers would know that the photo was actually that of a Jenday conure photo-shopped to have a green breast ... with the wrong colored beak! A bad April Fools joke!

This seems pretty far-fetched. However, there was hope against hope that when it was obvious Carolina Parakeets were becoming extinct that someone had taken several pairs of Carolina Parakeets to another part of the world. The hope was that they would be either released in the wild or bred in captivity and released to flourish in a place where they wouldn't be persecuted. 




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