Amazon Parrots

 AMAZONS: The What you See is What You Get Parrot

by Sally Blanchard

Each species of Amazon parrot has its own particular characteristics and it is a shame to just lump them all together. I believe that the Double-yellow Head, the Blue-front, and the Yellow-nape have been unfairly lumped together as the “Hot Three.” They may have some similarities in personality but not all of them are “hot tempered” or easily become overexcited as the stereotype seems to insinuate. There are a few other Amazons who can be just as excitable. In an article on Amazons way back in Pet Bird Report #19 Chris Davis wrote, “Amazons are rambunctious and rowdy little goofballs who seldom take anything seriously. She states that of all the birds commonly kept as pets, the Amazons are probably one of the most fun to have around. “I don’t think that anyone plays harder and with more gusto than an Amazon.” Most Amazons are highly social parrots and form strong bonds with their human flock. Statements made in a specific Amazons profile may apply to other Amazons but remember all parrots will have their individual personalities and as with all companion parrots, input from caregivers equals output in the parrot's behavior, personality, and talents.  

I will include all of the Amazon parrots, even the ones that are not common as human companions, plus those that are threatened or endangered, and three that are now extinct.

Many species of Amazon parrots are now considered Threatened, Vulnearble, Endangered and on the verge of Extinction. Some of these parrots, like the Double yellow-head so common in aciculture and as our companions is now considered to be Endangered because of habitat destruction and capture for the pet trade. 

Recent DNA studies have created change in the classification and relationships of quite a few parrots, including several Amazon parrots. Some information on this page not be accurate yet as to species and sub-species, etc. but I will be trying to update it in the future. 




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