Carolina Paroquet (Conuropsis carolinensis)

From American Birds in Color: Land Birds 1948

By Hal H. Harrison

In the early days, the Carolina Paroquet (C.c.carolinensis) with its paler more western race, the Louisiana Paroquet (C.c. ludovicianus) ranged throughout the Gulf coast northward along the Atlantic coast to Pennsylvania and New York; in the Mississippi Valley north to Wisconsin and Ontario and westward to Colorado. Man’s encroachment narrowed the bird’s range until it was last seen in Florida in 1920. Rumors persist even now, however, that some individuals still reside in inaccessible swamps in South Carolina. It is remotely responsible possible that the bird may not be extinct.

Length: 1:3 inches (tail 7). Male and female: size of a Mourning Dove. Bright green body with yellow head, becoming orange colored about the base of the bill. Range: formerly along coastal region from Florida to Virginia, but now nearly extinct. Voice: sharp, rolling call. A similar Mexican species, (Aratinga holochlora – Green conure or parakeet) which might occur in southern Florida, is entirely green.




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